Tolga Tarhan 

Visual Artist

Commercial ++
  1. UEFA
  2. Turkish Airlines
  3. Google
  4. Nike
  5. New York Rangers
  6. New York Knicks
  7. Sony Music
  8. Los Angeles Times
  9. Red Hot Org.
  10. La Biennale di Venezia
  11. ie:music
  12. Marshall Records
  13. Diego Philips
  14. KNSKL Records
  15. Le Guess Who?
  16. Editorial Illustrations

Personal ++
  1. The Moments
  2. Future Garden
  3. Organic
  4. Once Upon a Time
  5. Animated Loop Series
  6. Short Animations
  7. Black Day
  8. Fields


Tolga Tarhan is a Visual Artist specializing in Illustration, Animation, Design and Motion,
based in Los Angeles.


9. Bella Aluba “Loneliest Girl in the World”

Bella Aluba - Loneliest Girl in the World
Commisioned by Red Hot Org.

    I had the chance to create an animated lyric video for Red Hot Org.’s charity campaign, which tells the story of a girl’s daily routines during quarantine.

This video and song is a donated single for charity in support of COVID19 relief in Nigeria.

Producer: Upendo Kissai